Changing the engine


Iíve just, with skilled help, finished refurbishing an AEC AV590 engine to replace one that was increasingly difficult to start and was churning out loads of black smoke.


These pictures show how we removed and replaced the engines using a JCB telescopic loader.



This is the refurbished engine. It has new bearings and piston rings. Refurbished complete cylinder block heads have been fitted. The oil pump and power steering pumps have been cleaned and serviced. The header tank was also cleaned and repaired. The fuel injector pump and injectors have been refurbished and recalibrated. A refurbished water pump was fitted.



This is the JCB loader we used to remove and replace the engines.



A close up of the old engine being lifted out.



Leaving a large hole. You will see that the alternator has been removed and carefully positioned clear of the engine but without disconnecting the wiring.



The refurbished engine is carefully lifted in. We secured all the mountings, connected everything up and started the engine. After a short run to warm things up we adjusted the valve settings and tightened the cylinder head nuts with a torque wrench. An oil change and readjustment of all the settings is planned when 500 miles have been completed.


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