Gearbox change


RM2213ís gearbox deteriorated irretrievably when for some reason the control unit decided to engage 1st and 4th gears at the same time. This shows how I rewired the Christmas tree at the back of the cab to force manual gear selection and by-pass automatic control.


We removed the gearbox by tilting the bus over a little. Very careful use of blocks and axle stands.



We drove up to Queensbridge PSV in Barnsley and exchanged the old gearbox for a fully refurbished one.

Removing and refitting the gearbox went fairly smoothly following the instructions in the The New Routemaster Maintenance Manual.


I put new drive belts for the compressor. I used Gates 6475 EXL (AVX13 x 1125La) belts and they fitted perfectly. You can string up a couple of spare belts round the prop shaft which means you donít have to disconnect it when you need to replace them.


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