Nitrogen for brake charging, up to date costs, suppliers and useful tips


I bought these items in November 2006. Here are details of cost and the suppliers I used. All prices include VAT.


Gas and Regulator

BOC Tradequip outlets will be able to supply these items form stock.


Cylinder Rental (1 year)                         £51.76

Nitrogen(Oxygen Free) Size X                     £27.50

Regulator HP X/S Nitrogen Reg(42 bar 7/16” JIC) £185.05


Schrader valve connecting device

Economatics   I’ve heard they are no longer trading and Schrader don’t like to sell direct to end users


Product code 556  556 / 32284-67                 £40.89


Hose assembly


I got mine from Designation, Newark Road, Peterborough PE1 5YD. ) 01733 893333.

They used the following components


Ό” Kompact Hydraulic Hose (4 metres)

Swage Ferrule Ό” SAE R1T (2)

7/16” JIC Female Straight

1/8” BSP Female Insert Ό” hose

Adaptor 1/8” BSP X 1/8” BSP M/F                   £43.94


So the total cost was £349.14


Replacement valves

High pressure Schrader valves for the accumulators are difficult to get hold of recently as Schrader will not deal with individuals. Here is their product code if you can find a supplier.


Product code 604-1UK1                       


What tools will I need to charge the accumulators?


Before you clamber under the bus make sure you take a lamp and a 115/16” spanner for the dust caps and an 11/16” spanner to tighten the Schrader connecting device to the valve.


Offer of help to RM owners near Peterborough


Now I have the equipment I am happy to charge accumulators within the Peterborough area. I also have a small supply of replacement valves as they are the first thing to change if you are having problems. Click here to contact me.


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