Printing RM advertisements and blinds


I have been quoted between £50 and a £100 a square metre for getting vinyl backed advertisements printed from original artwork. I donít know how much blinds cost commercially. Iíve had some useful information from other Routemaster owners as follows


RM 467


These adverts were produced by a relative who is in the vinyl signs business and were all copied from photographs in books of RMs in the 1960s. Sizes are slightly different from those posted on this website as we measured the bus and produced what looked right.

Anyone wanting quotes for supply should contact O'Neill Signs 0192 859 2393. They are based in Runcorn.


Doing it yourself.


You can do this with a large format printer such as a HP Designjet which are available in two models, 24 inch and 42 inch. The 24 inch would be OK for all the blinds and all the adverts but if you want to print on adhesive vinyl for the adverts and Tyvekģ for the blinds you will need the 42 inch as these products only come in 36 inch wide rolls


HP only guarantees water resistance and colour fastness outdoors for 3 months if you use UV ink.


The cheapest 42inch printer that can print with UV ink is the HP Designjet 5500UV which costs £5,170 inc vat.


The UV ink costs £216 a colour (there are six colours) The Tyvekģ is £102 for a 50 foot roll and the vinyl is £69 for a 40 foot roll.


So it is an expensive business, not for the faint-hearted! And Iím a little concerned that the colour is only guaranteed for 3 months.


I feel there is a market for adverts for preserved buses of all types because they look better with well chosen adverts from the period. But then there is the question of obtaining the original artwork Öand the copyright!


I nevertheless think is a sensible business proposition for someone to take on if they have the time, inclination, skill and contacts.


Commercial Blind Manufacturers


McKenna make most of the blinds used in buses and have done for years. They are used to dealing with bus companies but will accept orders from individuals. David has discovered exactly what information is required when ordering blinds. If 12 sets of blinds are ordered at the same time, the price drops to half the cost of a single set, so there is a lot of sense in getting together. Please email David if you are interested in getting involved in a bulk order.


If anyone has a wish list of route numbers, destinations and vias (as well as things like Wedding, Rail Replacement Service etc.) that they would be interested in buying a set of please also let me know. I will put this information on this site and if there is enough interest it may be possible to put together a very large order, with consequent cost savings.


Can you contribute any more information?


Iíd welcome comments from anyone with expert knowledge about getting adverts and blinds made. Email me


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