Re-trimming your Routemaster seats


I have had all the seats on my buses re-trimmed and several people have asked where I got the work done.


Paul Toomer did the work to an exceptionally high standard. I supplied the moquette which I obtained from Interface Fabrics. He repaired the seat bases, replaced the foam (using an expert mix of hard and soft foam) and supplied and fitted the maroon coloured leather seat edging for the backs. He also replaced the grey rexine on the backs of the seats and the black material on the underside of the squabs. All the tartan lines were matched with great precision and the overall effect is remarkable.


Paul worked as an apprentice at Hants and Dorset Tim. He has done work for Cobham bus museum.


Here are his contact details


Paul Toomer

32 Toynbee Road


SO50 9DN


02380 652016

07738 073525


You can expect to pay about £45 - £50 per seat, about £3,000 for an RM,  £3300 for an RML  (November  2011)


You will need about 33.5 metres of moquette for an RM or just over 37.5 metres for an RML


You may be able to find someone prepared to do the work for less. Iíve not seen such high quality craftsmanship on work done by anyone else.


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