Cerium is your answer and we do manufacture it. I'll give you a brief overview for your consideration.


Basically the purer the cerium the faster a product will work. Most products have a 30-60% cerium oxide content where as, "Trent", a glass polishing powder we produce, has 95%. In experienced hands this noticeable difference imparts super fast polishing speeds at no cost of surface quality. To a novice it will more readily help them achieve the desired finish in the shortest time possible.




Cerium oxide is a powder which in use is mixed with water at a ratio of one part powder to ten parts warm (cup of tea temperature) water. The slurry is then left overnight to "wet out". The next day the slurry is stirred back into full suspension. It is now ready for use.




Tools necessary are patience, elbow grease, slurry, a felt bob and an electric drill. Before I go on, be careful when using an electrical drill and water in close proximity. We suggest the use of a Residual Circuit Current Device (RCCD) for operator safety.


Immerse the felt bob in the slurry (making sure it is in suspension by stirring it). When the felt bob is saturated apply it to the glass. Work the glass in a circular motion, never left / right or up / down. Here's where the fun starts. Polishing efficiency is directly proportional to speed and pressure. The harder you press the quicker the marks will be removed and the faster the operator tires. The faster the felt bob spins the quicker the marks disappear and the greater the centrifugal force which means the slurry goes everywhere. In time you will find the right balance. Tip, it makes sense to mark the opposite side of the glass with a crayon so you can better see where you are working.




One comes to mind - "burn marks". These are created by the work area becoming dry through lack of slurry. Burn marks are removed by wetting the work area and re-polishing. I use the following analogy to better convey what happens - "when you wax your car in the summer sun, if you wax to many panels before buffing the wax goes hard - this is what I mean by burn marks, dry polish. To remove you would re-apply fresh polish".



Trent is distributed in 25 kilo polythene lined pails 10.00 per kilo, plus carriage at 9.25 per tub and VAT.


One of our customers offers a kit (powder, polishing mop etc), you can see this on www.perfectpolishingkits.co.uk


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