This information has been supplied by Steve Anderson owner of RM531


Engine type- DS9 90A
Type- industrial/marine (re-power)
Operating speed- up to 2200 rpm
Power (HP) 150
Power (KW) 110
Assembly date 15.8.98 (Interestingly 2 years before it was fitted to 531)
It gives info such as pulley types, and locations for oiling and draining. Interestingly it shows that my engine was built with a turbocharger fitted. All other ancillaries are listed as supplied "with" or "without".

To find the engine number

The engine number is located on the top surface of the cylinder block in front of the first cylinder head, under the water pipe. (To read it, itís easier to lie on the wing with your head facing the radiator). If you take your engine number to your local Scania dealer- I personally recommend Ellesmere Port Scania as being particularly helpful - they can give you a print out of the build specifications for your engine.To find your local Scania Dealer click here.

Part numbers for filters - Fleeetguard items, available from any commercial truck factors.
Air filter††††††††††††††††††††††† AF 4856M
Oil Filter†††††††††† FL 3675
Fuel filter†††††††† FL 5297

Engine Oil

Oil grade- 15w40 (about 20 litres)

Scania's own coolant contains antifreeze and all the other necessary additives. You will need 20- 25 litres as the coolant capacity is 10- 11 gallons. A 30 to 50% mix is recommended.

Water pumps

These are available and are in the region of £134 plus vat (retail).


Drive Belts

Six different drive belts are listed for the engine, check the part number on yours before ordering. Personally I would recommend the belt be changed as its history and mileage is unknown.


If you have more useful information on the Scania engines fitted to RMs please email me.


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