Where do I put the vinyls?


I thought it is about time I stuck the vinyl lettering on my buses and wanted to get them in the right place. I am grateful to Steven Wood for permission to photograph his lettering in place and to Nathan Merryweather who took the photos.


Iíve also scanned in a document called ďArrangement of Adverts Transfers & L.T. NoticesĒ issued by Department of the Chief Engineer (Road Services) L.T. Chiswick Works on 4th February 1985. It is a large document and Iíve scanned it in five sections to show all the drawings.


Iím hoping to be able to list the signs by their BP number later.


You can download the drawings in JPEG format here. You should be able to zoom in on them and show the detail. They are large files and may take some time to download.


Near side exterior

Near side interior

Off side


Front end interior


Signs as Varnish Fix Transfers and Vinyl can be obtained from Squirrel Preservation 82 Harcourt Avenue, Penhill Park, Sidcup, Kent, DA15 9LN.























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