Free Bus Services


If youíre going to get involved with running free bus services you really do need to read this excellent booklet produced by the National Association of Road Transport Museums which was drawn to my attention by Peter Osborn. It is a mine of up to date information on the requirements for insurance, driverís licences, driversí hours, MOT certificates, conductors and attendants, training, definitions of hire and reward, risk assessment as well as a vehicle inspection check list. The guidance notice is written in a sensible, authoritative and no-nonsense style with details of all the documents used to compile it.


If anything went wrong on a free bus service I would feel much happier if I had documentary evidence that Iíd followed this detailed guidance note. Anyone who hadnít followed the guidance would have difficulty proving to a subsequent enquiry that they had exercised due diligence.



The guidance note is available for £2 (plus A5 SAE) from NARTM, PO Box 5141, Burton upon Trent, DE15 0ZF.

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